Translation Service Terms


The clients are expected to have copyright of the materials to be translated, or have right to translate the material, or to have the materials translated. Mind Power Hungary Ltd. does not bear any liability for infringement of copyright or related rights.


Mind Power Hungary Translation Agency Ltd. regards everything the clients provide as strictly confidential, including but not limited to the clients' personal information, materials to be translated, and the translated documents. Except as expressly stipulated otherwise, Mind Power Hungary Ltd. does not claim copyright of its translation. However it reserves its right of authorship.


Mind Power Hungary Translation Agency Ltd. makes its utmost efforts to achieve the accuracy of the translation. The translation will not be delivered to the clients until it has gone through the quality control steps – four eyes principia. Mind Power Hungary Translation Agency Ltd. translation shall be loyal to the source document. It refuses the clients' request to create content that does not exist in the source documents. In case the clients have any question concerning the accuracy of the translation, he is expected to raise the question within five working days upon receipt of the translation. If the clients does not raise any question concerning the accuracy, such right is deemed waived by the clients. Mind Power Hungary Translation Agency Ltd. makes its commitment to accuracy of the translation. It bears no responsibility for the source, content and purpose of the document provided by the clients. If, for any reason, Mind Power Hungary Ltd. mistranslate or miss any part of the document in the process of translation, Mind Power only pledges to pay the damage within the scope of the translation fee.